The goal of this EFI project is to generate a chemocommunication technology and knowledge platform at FAU, providing adequate sampling procedures, and chemo-analytical, microbiological, and data-analytical know-how to study body odour signatures and their interplay with individual demographic and genetic factors. The consortium will, in a first step, establish scientific cross-talk at the interface between the different disciplines, and adapt existing or implement new methods and technologies for the analysis of body odour signatures. In a second step, the consortium will tackle the issue of understanding the variability and complexity of volatiles emanating from different body sites and the information encoded therein. With this scientific and technological toolbox and knowledge at hand, the consortium will address specific research questions, e.g. related to disease-, nutrition-, or emotion-dependent chemical signatures, and contribute to the development of new products and technologies, e.g., in medicine, body care, or the textile and clothing industry.

It is the vision of the consortium that the project will promote future discoveries in the emerging field of chemocommunication, as well as in adjacent fields such as personalized medicine, affective sensing, or chemometrics. The project relates to FAU Key Research Priorities such as Medicine, Life Sciences and Health , Medical Engineering, and Electronics, Analytics and Digital Transformation .